About this website

Welcome to kz-n.net v5.2.1, the newest iteration.
Made with Astro v3.0.6 and 22 lines of JavaScript (so far)

This is actually my first time making something in Astro, so I was pleased by the development speed (compared to React)

The old (unfinished) website (never got out of testing phase) is actually pretty similiar to this (and that is because it has the same CSS), but it took me way less time to remake it in Astro, So I used the spare time that gave me to also redesign how the website looks. Still did most of this in 3 days, lol.
You should check out my friend Flint's website, as this website would not exist right now if he didn't renew my domain for me. very cool!

The source code will be available at some point in time once its considerably cleaner than now (trust me there's nothing impressive to see anyways)

About me

I'm a random person of the internet that likes to use Java for Minecraft development or lose my sanity making websites (or touching webdev in general)

I have used the Godot Engine extensively over 4+ years, mostly to develop some small scope demos, however recently I have worked on some games
My most recent (and proud) work is the sounds for the 7 day Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2 entry Deep_Reflection.

When I'm not busy begging JetBrains for a CLion key I also make memory leaks in C++ with Visual Studio, I'm currently working on an OpenGL renderer for learning purposes.
If you've ever had a word with me you'd probably know I am a big fan of electronic music, I don't listen to any pop music because I find it to be soul-less, corporate-first and money-second.
I don't ever listen to one genre though and I also don't like the "gaming montage" kind of music, Some of my favourite artists are: Mr. Bill, she, Infected Mushroom, poixone, Geoxor, Grabbitz, REZZ, Chime, Fox Stevenson, Panda Eyes and the legendary, Au5.
Listen to any of those links and let me know if you enjoyed it!
If you're still unsure of what I mean, check out my last.fm page.

You might have noticed I mentioned having made sounds for a game, I also sometimes create music and sound effects in Ableton Live, I've been using DAWs in general since 2018 with good ol' GarageBand, later in 2019 I moved to FL Studio and significantly progressed, I've moved to Ableton Live in fall of 2021 and I'm never looking back. Since then I have made a lot of music, and it has met the internet! Check out my Newgrounds and SoundCloud


If you'd like to stalk me online, you can find me on Discord by the username kz_n or on Github, GitLab, Twitter and itch.io.
If for some reason you need a contact email (why would you even need to?), you can contact me at kznof.contact@gmail.com